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Introduction to single-phase power regulator

The single-phase power regulator is a power control device based on a thyristor (power electronic power device), with an intelligent digital control circuit as its core. Mainly used for single-phase 220V AC and two-phase 380V AC.

Introduction to the working principle and function of industrial control transformer

The industrial control transformer is mainly suitable for AC 50Hz (or 60Hz), voltage 1000V and below, and can work continuously for a long time under the rated load.

Precautions when using the car power inverter

Inverter, must be a kind of inverter device to be called, he and the transformer are directly different, that is, he can achieve DC input, and then output AC, the working principle is the same as the switching power supply, but the oscillation frequency i

A brief introduction to power transformers

The transformer used for electricity is called a power transformer. The structure of the power transformer mainly includes coils, iron cores, fuel tanks, transformer oil, heat dissipation cooling devices, oil pillows and porcelain casings.

Voltage regulator introduction

The voltage regulator (referred to as AVR) is designed for AC brushless generators with fundamental wave, harmonic compound excitation or permanent magnet generator excitation (PGM system).


Unit structure: It is mainly composed of coils, brushes, handwheels, dials, bottom seats, outer covers, etc. Three-phase and single-phase large-capacity voltage regulators are composed of several units of the same specifications.

Why we produce the voltage stabilizers?

When electricity be found, people came to a nice future. And to make a better world, some uniform standards have established. Some countries use 220V and some use 110v, it is a very good way to popularize electrical appliances.

Johsun's new office for commercial activities has opened

On April 1st, 2016, Johsun's new office has been opened. The all members of marketing & sales department, moved into new office after one week.