High voltage vacuum circuit breaker

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>Indoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker (for plateau) ZN63G(VS1)-24

High voltage vacuum circuit breaker
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ZN63G(VS1)-24 plateau type indoor high voltage vacuum circuit breaker is HV switch equipment of rated voltage 24KV, three-phase, 50Hz, used as control and protective switch of the transmission and distribution system in power generating plant, substation and mineral enterprises, specially used in plateau of high altitude level where the load is very important and need frequent switching on/off. 

The breaker comply with National standard GB 1984-2003 "AC high voltage circuit breakers", JB3855-1996 "Technical conditions for ordering 3.6-40.5KV indoor vacuum circuit breakers" and IEC standards, it provides reliable interlocking function as well .

The operating mechanism is of spring type charged by AC/DC, or by hand. 

The breaker also can be assembled with permanent magnet operating mechanism with long working life, mechanical life up to 105 times, able to be working for frequently switching. 

The structure is designed as separate front and rear part, which it can be fixed for mounting; or assembled on handcart, inserted and pulled from the meddle of switchgear. 

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